Sustainability is our everyday commitment

Growth can be a goal only if achieved in a sustainable way considering all the aspects of sustainability, the environmental, social and economic ones.

Gualapack always strives for improving the impact of its production process on the environment. By continuously working on innovations and product development Gualapack generates innovative and sustainable high-performance packaging solutions for sophisticated food and non-food products. Furthermore, Gualapack pays constant attention to safety and development of its employees and to people who live in the communities it operates in.

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Our Project

Gualapack works hard to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing process thanks to innovative packaging solutions and sustainable production systems:

  • Solvent recovery unit to reduce VOC (Volatile Organic Substances) emissions;
  • ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system;
  • Co-generation plant for the production of power and steam;
  • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) software for environmental impact evaluation of different packaging solutions;
  • Energy Saving Program to reduce the TOE (tons of oil equivalent) and the carbon footprint of our activities;
  • Clean Energy Project through a solar photovoltaic system;
  • Bio-based, compostable, monomaterial laminates;

Gualapack is a member of the European Bioplastics Association and in 2017, joined the CEFLEX project, created to establish design guidelines for recyclable flexible packaging.


Sustainability is a key and complex subject for the packaging industry. Packaging should be considered together with the product it contains and the way it’s consumed. When does packaging downgauging become counter-productive because is not able to guarantee perfect product preservation? Is bio-compostable packaging more efficient than using polymers from renewable resources? At Gualapack we decided not to choose for our customers but to offer them all possible options to create their own road to sustainability. The accompanying “Sustainability wheel” shows the different initiatives we launched in Gualapack that constitute our “NEXT Project“.


In terms of sustainability we have a twin responsibility, both as a manufacturer and as citizens. For nearly 30 years Gualapack has been ahead of both competitors and legislation by launching numerous initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of its activity on the environment. With our brand new developments we aim to go one step further in offering the market a comprehensive range of sustainable solutions. For laminates, ourLamiNEXT consists of a heat-sealable range of bio-films that are bio-compostable (which break down naturally into organic components in just 12 weeks under composting conditions, in compliance with EN 13432) or made with bio-plastics derived from renewable resources.  Gualapack’s LamiNEXT product range is available with oxygen and vapour barrier features. It is suitable for the most automated packaging FFS lines (both in the form of coils or pre-made envelopes, stand up pouches, cheerpack, stick-packs, etc) and can be used for food and non-food applications. For Spouted Pouches,Gualapack developed a range of bio-solutions, using the LamiNEXT bio-based films and associating them with spouts and caps of the same bio-based polymers. The result is an environmentally friendly solution CheerNEXT, that can content up to 80% of bio-based raw material. The CheerNEXT range is currently available for ambient, cold filling, hot filling and post-filling pasteurization process.

Client Initiatives

CEFLEX - A Circular Economy For Flexible Packaging
European Bioplastics - Driving the evolution of bioplastics