Sustainability is our everyday commitment

Slide Giving support to people who live in the communities Gualapack operates in. Minimizing the footprint of our production process. Generating sustainable packaging solutions by continuously investing in product innovation. Focus on safety and employees development. Ensuring and promoting financial sustainability.


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Reducing the impact on the environment

In recent years, various initiatives has been put in place to decrease the footprint of the manufacturing process.

  • Installation of a co-generation plant to optimize consumption of fossil fuels and limit CO2 emissions
  • Implementation of an Energy Savings Program to reduceTOE (tons of oil equivalent) and the carbon footprint of our activities
  • Implementation of the Clean Energy Project through a solar photovoltaic system
  • Reduction of water consumption thanks to the replacement of the cooling systems
  • Installation of a solvent recovery unit to reduce VOC (Volatile Organic Substances) emissions
  • ISO 14011 and SMETA 4 pillars certification

Offering innovative and sustainable packaging solutions

Circular economy

Recyclability, marine litter and the circular economy of flexible packaging, especially for single-use applications.


Reduction of the environmental impact of the packaging with respect to CO2 emissions.


Consumer safety, especially for children, with respect to products that are at risk of tempering on the shelf.

Circular economy

Design easily recyclable packaging
  • Monomaterial laminates and pouches, ready for recycling
Give a second life to our caps
  • BrickCap®:a collectable cap that can be used as a building block
  • SpinCap: a cap that works both as a spinning top and a playing dice

Climate change

Weight reduction of the materials used without compromising the performance
  • Aluminum-free high-barrier laminates and pouches
  • Redesigning of caps and laminates with limited environmental impact
Use of materials from renewable sources
  • High-barrier paper pouches
  • Compostable laminates for dry applications
  • Bio-based caps, laminates and high-barrier pouches

Health and safety

Safe packaging
  • BabyCap®: the large size of the cap prevents accidental swallowing by our small consumers.
  • WavyCap has the same safety characteristics as BabyCap® but with a different design for on shelf differentiation.
  • The NEW BabyCap+ is the most innovative solution in terms of product safety. In fact, its innovative mechanism immediately highlights a previous opening.

Social responsibility

The social projects and activities promoted by Gualapack and the social foundation are inspired by some of the 17 goals of the United Nations.

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In Italy, Gualapack is involved in the social and environmental sector through SociAL Foundation.


The SociAL Foundation, established on the initiative of the companies of the Guala Familiy, intends to invest part of the proceeds of the group to support initiatives to promote cultural and social assistance.

Main Principles Of The Foundation:
  • Justice and social equality
  • Democratic participation
  • Liberty and security of persons
  • Trust and solidarity between generations

Rest Of The World


The production sites in the rest of the world promote local initiatives, managing them independently.

  • educational projects
  • financial support to healthcare facilities
  • support for humanitarian organizations
  • assistance for people struck by natural catastrophes

Social initiatives

Sustainability report


Download Sustainability Report 2019

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