Neuron English

Location: Chisineu-Cris, Romania

Neuron English is an educational project that embraces modern methods to teach the English language like a native speaker. It stimulates memory, brain coordination and pronunciation skills.

Objectiv: Gualapack Nadab invests into the future.
Our future are children – happy, well prepared children. We do not only choose to invest at local level, but also to have a better prepared staff in the future! We are here to serve our society and to grow together. Besides giving the chance to 40 children to learn English by palying on a platform, we also created the right ambient for their study, in an old building in the center of the town. Our company produces mainly goods for children. We dedicate our activity to them, to creating a more beautiful world!

Result: It is less then a month since the 1st year of study has ended. Children are still there benefiting from modern modalities of study. After one year we can see them smiling, open minded with a higher self-esteem. We constantly receive their results from Neuron English and we can see our children blossoming “in English’. It is what we want for them, it is what makes us keep going!

We would also like to thank the Neuron English Team for seing the potential in our children and taking advantage of it. It is an honour to be your partners.