GualapackGroup introduces new Cosmetics Spouted Pouches at PCD 2018

At the occasion of the Perfume, Cosmetics and Design exhibition, held in Paris beginning February, GualapackGroup introduced new Spouted Pouches for Cosmetics Applications.

The new range of Spouted Pouches includes various laminates structures, with aluminum foil or with metallized film for a shiny appearance, or transparent ones. The Spouts are offered with a set of colors aiming to better fit with the cosmetic environment: red, yellow, white but also a brand new black. In order to complete that new range GualapackGroup developed some metallized caps offering outstanding bright rendering, such as metallic red, silver or gold.

As usual the Pouches benefit from a Rotogravure Premium Printing quality, up to 10 colors and with a complete or registered matt varnish, on request. For small orders, Safta, the GualapackGroup Laminates facility in Piacenza, Italy is equipped with Short Run Rotogravure printing and Lamination; digital printing will soon become an available option.

The Pouch filling, through the Spout, is done on a Gualapack System filling line or via a co-packer partner.

These new Spouted Pouches complete the GualapackGroup Cosmetic Product Range consisting, but not exclusively, of Laminates for Press Sachets, Laminates for Bag-On-Valve and Laminates for Tubes.