Spouts & Caps


Over the years Gualapack developed different spouts and caps for the Fruit Purée Industry. We offer as well pre-assembled Spouts & Caps.

Standard Cap

Our famous first cap, sold by billions Worldwide over the last decades.


BabyCap® is the Worldwide standard of cap for baby food spouted pouches.
BabyCap® is anti-choking with diameter of 33 mm and with holes allowing breathing in case of ingestion.
Our BabyCap® is available for spouts of diameter:
8,6 mm
14 mm for Savoury Baby Food with pieces BabyCap® is available in PE or PP for retort process


Our WavyCap is an evolution of our BabyCap®, using less material and available for spouts of 8,6 mm.; it is anti-choking with a diameter of 33 mm and with holes allowing breathing in case of ingestion.
WavyCap is available in PE.


What makes BrickCap really special is its function as a toy, without even talking about its security aspect.
After use, BrickCaps magically transform into a building block game; children can build 3D objects, starting from using just a few
BrickCaps right up to using hundreds, the only limit being the child’s imagination.
What’s more, BrickCap is a product that can be collected and used again and again and again. Therefore, BrickCap offers a defining standard in environmental sustainability, because the closure isn’t thrown away with the rest of the packaging but takes on a new function, becoming a game that can be constantly reinvented. Thus the concept of a product’s second life becomes reality.
BrickCap is available in PE.

Personalized Cap

In case you would need a personalized cap (and/or spout), please contact us at: BUSINESS CONTACT




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