Filling Lines

for Spouted Pouches

Gualapack offers a wide range of filling lines and pasteurization solutions for Cheerpack™ and Spouted Pouches.

Pasteurization Tunnel

Pasteurization tunnel with hot water shower and cooling in cold waterbath. Packaging and additional handling usually done manually.

Pasteurization TT System

Pasteurization tunnel with a hot water shower and cold water shower.
Dried with air dryers. Pouches automatically spaced and oriented for machine packing into boxes.

NEW Elliptical Tower

With the aim of realizing a very compact pasteurization and cooling system, we developed the elliptical tower:

  • 4 min. hot + 8 min. cold @ 180 /min.
  • Pouches on 4 lanes with separators between.
  • Maximum footprint: 2,4 x 9 m.
  • Transport in a single 40 feet H.C. container.
  • Easy and quick reassembly at customer.

Drying system with turbines.




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