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Gualapack presents PepUp®, a unique and worldwide patented technology. PepUp® pre-made pouches are ultralight and convenient packaging for liquids and pastes, offering an innovative pouring and self-closing system. One-hand PepUp® pouches are suitable for home or on-the-go consumption. go to pepup website FOR FILLING LINES INVESTMENT, GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP WITH  SELF-CLOSING, ULTRALIGHT AND CONVENIENT PACKAGING SOLUTIONS FOR VARIOUS MARKETS Yogurt & Dairy ...
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Spouted Pouches for Yogurt & Dairy Products

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SPOUTED POUCHES FOR YOGURT & DAIRY PRODUCTS Cheerpack™, the Gualapack Spouted Pouches, is a squeezable, colourful and safe dairy packaging for children. It is the most convenient dairy packaging and yogurt packaging solution for out-of-home consumption. CONSUMER BENEFITS SafeUnbreakable, no risk for injury and tamper evident. HygienicCap-protected spout and reclosable packaging. Squeezable Light. Resistant. Easy to handle and to drink. Easy ...
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Spouts & Caps for Yogurt & Dairy Products

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Spouts & Caps for YOGURT & DAIRY PRODUCTS Over the years Gualapack developed different spouts and caps for the Dairy Industry. We offer as well pre-assembled Spouts & Caps. Standard CapOur famous first cap, sold by billions Worldwide over the last decades. Babycap®BabyCap® is the Worldwide standard of cap for baby food spouted pouches. BabyCap® is anti-choking with diameter of 33 mm and ...
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Laminates For Yogurt & Dairy Products

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LAMINATES FOR YOGURT & DAIRY PRODUCTS Gualapack offers a range of laminates for Dairy products, manufactured with different technologies such as extrusion or glue lamination. LAMINATES FOR STAND-UP POUCHESThanks to the 30+ years experience of Gualapack in pouches for yogurt and dairy snacks, we developed some laminates for drinking yogurts and Dairy products. These laminates can be used for producing Stand-Up Pouches, ...