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GualapackGroup presents PepUp®, a unique and worldwide patented technology. PepUp® pre-made pouches are ultralight and convenient packaging for liquids and pastes, offering an innovative pouring and self-closing system. One-hand PepUp® pouches are suitable for home or on-the-go consumption. go to pepup website FOR FILLING LINES INVESTMENT, GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP WITH  SELF-CLOSING, ULTRALIGHT AND CONVENIENT PACKAGING SOLUTIONS FOR VARIOUS MARKETS,{-webkit-transition:all .4s ...
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Stand-Up Pouches for Sauces & Dressings

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Stand-Up Pouches FOR SAUCES & DRESSINGS GualapackGroup provides premade Stand Up Pouches for Sauces & Dressing from its different Gualapack facilities Worldwide. SAFEUnbreakable, no risk for injury and tamper evident. LONG SHELF LIFE Oxygen and light barrier; product preservation guaranteed. EASY TO USE For in-home and out-of-home consumption. Perfect for sports and trips. LOGISTIC ADVANTAGEFits well in the fridge and in ...
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Spouted Pouches for Sauces & Dressings

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Spouted Pouches FOR SAUCES & DRESSINGS Cheerpack™, the GualapackGroup Spouted Pouch, is an outstanding baby food packaging solution. Our baby food pouch is highly appreciated not only by the kids and their mothers, but also by brand owners, because it is fun, squeezable and safe. CONSUMER BENEFITS SAFEUnbreakable, no risk for injury, tamper evident. HygenicCap-protected spout and reclosable packaging. CONVENIENT Light. ...
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Laminates For sauces & Dressings

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LAMINATES FOR SAUCES & DRESSINGSSafta, from GualapackGroup, is a technology leader in laminates for sauces and dressings. Our company benefits from an experience of more than 50 years in hot filling, pasteurized or retort packaging. Safta can provide a large range of laminates for FFS lines. LAMINATES FOR STAND-UP POUCHESOur solutions with or without aluminum foil are available for all kind ...