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Gualapack presents PepUp®, a unique and worldwide patented technology. PepUp® pre-made pouches are ultralight and convenient packaging for liquids and pastes, offering an innovative pouring and self-closing system. One-hand PepUp® pouches are suitable for home or on-the-go consumption. go to pepup website FOR FILLING LINES INVESTMENT, GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP WITH  SELF-CLOSING, ULTRALIGHT AND CONVENIENT PACKAGING SOLUTIONS FOR VARIOUS MARKETS Yogurt & Dairy ...
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Laminates For Home Care & Industrials

In Homecare, Industrials & Non Food, Laminates by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR HOME CARE & INDUSTRIALS The extensive knowledge in polyolefin formulation and the internal PE production of Gualapack guarantees the best sealant layer performance for mechanically or chemically demanding structures such as the ones used for Home Care and Industrials applications. LAMINATES FOR FFS STAND-UP POUCHESFor Stand Up Pouches produced on FFS lines, and especially for liquid packaging, the ...