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Gualapack System

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Gualapack System FOR SPOUTED POUCHES The Gualapack system is an integrated packaging solution, including Spouted Pouches, Caps and Filling Lines. CONSUMER BENEFITS SAFENo risk for injury,tamper evident, antichoking or innovative cap on demand. SQUEEZABLEFun, colourful and attractive packaging that babies love to squeeze. HygenicCap-protected spout and reclosable packaging. EASY TO USE For in-home and out-of-home consumption. Easy to eat, drink, handle ...
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Filling Lines

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Filling Lines for Spouted Pouches Gualapack offers a wide range of filling lines and pasteurization solutions for Cheerpack™ and Spouted Pouches. Pasteurization Tunnel Pasteurization tunnel with hot water shower and cooling in cold waterbath. Packaging and additional handling usually done manually. Pasteurization TT System Pasteurization tunnel with a hot water shower and cold water shower. Dried with air dryers. Pouches automatically spaced ...
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Gualapack presents PepUp®, a unique and worldwide patented technology. PepUp® pre-made pouches are ultralight and convenient packaging for liquids and pastes, offering an innovative pouring and self-closing system. One-hand PepUp® pouches are suitable for home or on-the-go consumption. go to pepup website FOR FILLING LINES INVESTMENT, GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP WITH  SELF-CLOSING, ULTRALIGHT AND CONVENIENT PACKAGING SOLUTIONS FOR VARIOUS MARKETS Yogurt & Dairy ...
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Sustainable Solutions

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SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS FOR FLEXIBLE PACKAGING  For more than 30 years Gualapack has been ahead of competition and legislation on sustainability issues. We aim to go further in offering the market a comprehensive range of sustainable solutions, such as our LamiNEXT® range for flexible packaging or our CheerNEXT® for spouted pouches, including spout and cap made of bio-based polymers. Furthermore Gualapack - member ...
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Spouted Pouches for Yogurt & Dairy Products

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SPOUTED POUCHES FOR YOGURT & DAIRY PRODUCTS Cheerpack™, the Gualapack Spouted Pouches, is a squeezable, colourful and safe dairy packaging for children. It is the most convenient dairy packaging and yogurt packaging solution for out-of-home consumption. CONSUMER BENEFITS SafeUnbreakable, no risk for injury and tamper evident. HygienicCap-protected spout and reclosable packaging. Squeezable Light. Resistant. Easy to handle and to drink. Easy ...
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Spouts & Caps for Yogurt & Dairy Products

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Spouts & Caps for YOGURT & DAIRY PRODUCTS Over the years Gualapack developed different spouts and caps for the Dairy Industry. We offer as well pre-assembled Spouts & Caps. Standard CapOur famous first cap, sold by billions Worldwide over the last decades. Babycap®BabyCap® is the Worldwide standard of cap for baby food spouted pouches. BabyCap® is anti-choking with diameter of 33 mm and ...
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Laminates For Yogurt & Dairy Products

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LAMINATES FOR YOGURT & DAIRY PRODUCTS Gualapack offers a range of laminates for Dairy products, manufactured with different technologies such as extrusion or glue lamination. LAMINATES FOR STAND-UP POUCHESThanks to the 30+ years experience of Gualapack in pouches for yogurt and dairy snacks, we developed some laminates for drinking yogurts and Dairy products. These laminates can be used for producing Stand-Up Pouches, ...