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Laminates For Beverages & Alcohols

In Beverages, Laminates by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR BEVERAGES & ALCOHOLS Gualapack, through its laminate plant, is historically a leader in laminates for beverages and drink pouches with an experience of billions of packs sold worldwide over the last 20 years. Our extended knowledge in sealant layer extrusion, printing and lamination allows us to build film structures resisting to hot filling or pasteurization and running at ...
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Laminates For Baby Food

In Baby Food, Laminates by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR BABY FOOD Gualapack has been, for decades, a supplier of flexible packaging solutions for Baby Food through its Italian plant in Piacenza. A technology leader in flexible packaging that benefits from an experience of more than 50 years in retort packaging and several billion sold units for retort, hot filling or pasteurized baby food products. The certifications and internal ...