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Innoweb 360

In Cosmetics & Beauty, Laminates, Innovation by Giorgio

INNOWEB 360™ is the new family of laminates for tubes. This outstanding innovation allows a 360° decoration, with extra glossy and metallic look. INNOWEB 360™ runs on Aisa Decoseam™ and Aisa NanoDecoseam™ tube making machines. INNOWEB 360™ is also available in a particular configuration which preserves the integrity of the product ( i.e. oxidation) avoiding bounce back when the tube is ...
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Laminates For Home Care & Industrials

In Homecare, Industrials & Non Food, Laminates by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR HOME CARE & INDUSTRIALS The extensive knowledge in polyolefin formulation and the internal PE production of Gualapack guarantees the best sealant layer performance for mechanically or chemically demanding structures such as the ones used for Home Care and Industrials applications. LAMINATES FOR FFS STAND-UP POUCHESFor Stand Up Pouches produced on FFS lines, and especially for liquid packaging, the ...
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Laminates For sauces & Dressings

In Laminates, Sauce & Dressing by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR SAUCES & DRESSINGS Gualapack is a technology leader in laminates for sauces and dressings. Our company benefits from an experience of more than 50 years in hot filling, pasteurized or retort packaging and can provide a large range of laminates for FFS lines. LAMINATES FOR STAND-UP POUCHESOur solutions with or without aluminum foil are available for all kind of ...
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Laminates For Ready Meals

In Ready Meals, Laminates by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR READY MEALS Gualapack combines reliability and flexibility to meet the high levels of quality and service required by the customer. The experience in retort packaging, produced for about 50 years, ensures a high level of quality for different packaging solutions. In this area, Gualapack offers mainly multilayer laminates, with three or four layers, to ensure a long shelf life: laminates with ...
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Laminates For Pharma & Medicals

In Pharma & Medicals, Laminates by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR PHARMA & MEDICALS Gualapack complies with the standards and regulations in terms of safety, hygiene, quality and offers medical packaging and pharmaceutical sachets solutions to numerous applications. LAMINATES FOR STICK PACKSStick packs offer a very convenient way of serving drugs. Our range of laminates, especially designed for the modern high performance stick packs FFS lines presents: High mechanical performance ...
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Laminates For Pet Food

In Pet Food, Laminates by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR PET FOOD Gualapack developed laminates for medium and high speed Form Fill & Seal lines for Pet Food industry. LAMINATES FOR WET PET FOOD STAND-UP POUCHESWe propose 3-layers films for retort wet or semi-moist Pet Food Stand-Up Pouches, with the following characteristics: High-barrier laminates to ensure the perfect protection from gas and moisture Easy-opening features (laser scoring option) LAMINATES ...
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Laminates For Fruit Purèes & Snacks

In Fruit Purée & Snacks, Laminates by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR FRUIT PURÉES & SNACKS Gualapack is a historical leader in the fruit purée segment and consequently its laminate facility benefits for decades and for billions of sold units of that experience. Gualapack certifications and internal procedures guarantee the maximum product safety and quality. LAMINATES FOR STAND-UP POUCHESGualapack can provide laminates for Pouches, Stand-Up Pouches and Spouted Pouches for different Fruit Purées and Fruits Snacks (pasteurized ...
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Laminates For Yogurt & Dairy Products

In Laminates, Yogurt & Dairy Products by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR YOGURT & DAIRY PRODUCTS Gualapack offers a range of laminates for Dairy products, manufactured with different technologies such as extrusion or glue lamination. LAMINATES FOR STAND-UP POUCHESThanks to the 30+ years experience of Gualapack in pouches for yogurt and dairy snacks, we developed some laminates for drinking yogurts and Dairy products. These laminates can be used for producing Stand-Up Pouches, ...
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Laminates For Cosmetics & Beauty

In Cosmetics & Beauty, Laminates by Giorgio

LAMINATES FOR COSMETICS & BEAUTY Gualapack offers a wide range of specific solutions for the cosmetic and personal care industry that ensures the best mechanical and chemical resistance. We offer a premium rotogravure printing quality as well as a short run printing capability. LAMINATES FOR PRESS SACHETSGualapack is a key player in laminates for press sachets, offering excellent film characteristics such as: ...
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Laminates For Coffee, Solubles & Powders

In Coffee, Powders & Solubles, Laminates by Giorgio

Laminates For Coffee, Solubles & Powders Gualapack offers the complete range of laminates for coffee packaging or other soluble powders: yeast, spices... These laminates feature high mechanical performances and total protection from gas and moisture, in order to preserve fragrance and aroma in the long term. LIDS FOR COFFEE CAPSCoffee pods segment shows a great dynamism and Gualapack developed a complete range ...